Technology Services

Did You Know?

  • The MAISD has over 15,000 active user accounts
  • MAISD Technology Services hosts a VoIP phone system that supports over 2,000 phones in our local schools
  • Over 25 TB are backed up daily
  • There are over 125 servers running in our data center
  • The Shoreline Fiber Network has over 120 miles of fiber running on more than 3,000 poles throughout Muskegon County
  • There are over 90 sites on the Shoreline Fiber Network, including many local fire and police departments
  • MAISD Technology Services hosts over 25,000 student records through PowerSchool

MAISD Technology Services

MAISD Technology Services provides data solutions and technical support to districts throughout West Michigan.  Services include the Lakeshore Technology Consortium, Enterprise Solutions - Programs for Schools, Network Services, and District/Client Support.

Other technology-related services provided by the MAISD include PowerSchool hosting, MI School Data and Our School Data - Data Warehouse Services, Instructional Technology support and training, and REMC media services and training.

Our technology staff includes a director, network/applications administrator, network engineer, SIS support specialists, site coordinators and technicians, and a departmental administrative assistant.

Visit our Technology Services organizational chart.

MAISD Technology Services provides many network services for our local districts.  These services include:

  • Network Administration
  • Firewall and Content Filtering
  • Shoreline Fiber Network
  • Technology Device Support
  • Phone Support
  • Technology Implementation
  • Software Purchasing and License Documentation
  • Hardware Purchasing
  • Conference Room Presentation Equipment Maintenance
  • Technology Needs Consultation
  • Hosted Services:
    • Websites
    • Destiny
    • HelpSpot
    • PowerSchool
    • Meal Magic
    • Moodle
    • Servers and Active Directory
    • DynaCal
    • Mitel VOIP