An Environmental/Veterinary Sciences student cares for baby bunnies in the class barn.


The Career Tech Center (CTC) in Muskegon offers 16 free career prep classes to high school juniors and seniors from public, charter, and non-public schools throughout Muskegon County.

Classes are held Monday through Friday with morning and afternoon sessions that are 2.5 hours long. Students spend approximately one-half of their day at the CTC and one-half at their local high school.

Each class has an Advisory Committee of local professionals in related occupations. The Advisory Committee reviews program curriculum, facilities, and equipment, and makes recommendations based on industry standards.

Student enrollment in CTC programs is handled by local high school counselors. Prior to enrollment, students are encouraged to complete extensive career exploration and assessment activities, such as Career Cruising, to determine their career goals, interests, and abilities. This helps match students with programs that will provide them the greatest chance for success.

Career Tech Center Main Brochure

For a complete list of Career Tech Center classes and descriptions view our Course Guide below.

Course Guide 2021-22