School to Careers

What Are Our Goals?

Our school to career partnership goals are to unite educators, employers, students, parents, community organizations, and the business community  to build better links between what our students learn, and what they will need to know to be successful adults in our community.

We are responding to major economic shifts that mean our young people are entering a radically more competitive and dynamic economy. We want to prepare them for success.

We also believe that the demands of future careers require all of our students to attend college. And whether that is a four-year college, a two-year degree program, or some other alternative, it is clear that advanced education--in fact, on-going education--is required for success.

What Do We Do?

We build bridges between careers and classrooms. We help teachers learn about the changing demands of the workforce. We help students explore a wide range of options so they can better understand the need for a good education. And we help businesses understand the real-world challenges of schooling.

Please Join Us!

This is challenging, but rewarding work. We invite employers, parents, and the community to work with us as we prepare students for successful fulfilling careers! Contact our Job Placement Specialist Sasamon Parker with internship opportunities.