Business Services

Overview of Services

Financial Services

Aside from its regulatory and auditing functions involving State reporting and transportation, this department provides a range of assistance to area school districts in budget development, management consultation, data processing applications, and school law compliance.

Internally, Financial Services handles payroll, budget development and management, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

This department is also responsible for the care and maintenance of all MAISD grounds and facilities.

Financial Support Services

Financial Support partners with districts to effectively and cost efficiently consolidate certain operations and services. These services include business management, payroll, purchasing and accounts payable, invoicing, accounts receivable and revenue processing, banking, investment and cash flow management, general ledger reconciliation, grant management and financial projections.

Interschool Mail Delivery Service

An interschool mail delivery service is provided and travels to each of the constituent districts three times a week. The service saves districts time and money by transporting mail, student records, forms and small packages between districts. 

Delivery Schedule

*Monday, Wednesday, Friday
*When a federal holiday falls on a Monday and schools are closed, the Monday delivery takes place on *Tuesday
*Deliveries during the summer, severe weather and school holidays may vary. 
Contact Kris Gale via email or 231-767-7203 with questions and concerns.

Interschool Mail Delivery Guidelines

Registered Mail Form

Delivery Service Schedule 2021-22



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